Pelosi: McConnell will be held accountable if he tosses impeachment trial

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That is not a fair trial.

The top Democrat in Congress had hoped Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, of Trump's Republican Party, would provide assurances of what she described as a "fair" trial in which Democrats can subpoena witnesses and documents. Republicans hold 53 seats and the Democratic caucus holds 47. "Do you think it's possible the House may have to file new articles of impeachment?".

The trial could begin this week.

Senators could be sworn in as soon as Thursday for the impeachment trial, according to CNN, citing Senate aides.

The president's fate is all but certain: The Constitution requires two-thirds of the Senate - or 67 senators - to support removal.

Trump also claimed that "new polling shows that the totally partisan Impeachment Hoax is going nowhere". Josh Hawley of Missourilast week to allow for the dismissal of the obstruction of Congress and abuse of power charges against Trump because Pelosi has not yet transferred the articles to the Senate for a trial. At least four Democrat senators and several Democrat House members have called on Pelosi to submit the impeachment articles.

On Friday, however, Sen.

"You made the point that the president has blocked witnesses and that's true but some of your critics have said that the House could have done a lot more to exhaust the alternatives, to go through the entire process through the courts and get - to see if they would rule on witnesses", Stephanopoulos said. But we'll have to wait until next week to see exactly what happens. Collins had previously expressed interest in hearing from Bolton. Mr McConnell rebuffed all her demands. They take an oath to take - have a fair trial.

This week, McConnell announced that he has enough Republican votes to adopt trial rules that don't immediately allow witnesses.

First there was the multi-million-dollar Mueller investigation that exonerated President Trump.

Pelosi again called for additional witnesses in her letter on Friday. McConnell has not done so.

'About time, ' McConnell told reporters on Capitol Hill in response to Pelosi's announcement.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif, is ending her weeks-long hold on the articles of impeachment, triggering the start of the Senate impeachment process. Democratic lawmakers have been pushing for Mr. McConnell to agree to more witness testimony but Mr. McConnell has insisted on sticking with the 1999 precedent from President Clinton's trial, where witness testimony was debated later in the proceedings.

In a Fox News Channel interview Saturday, Graham dismissed Pelosi's tactics, saying the delay would have no effect on calling new witnesses or the expected outcome - acquittal by the GOP-controlled Senate.

When it comes to deciding which witnesses, if any, would testify, Scott said that would be decided after the trial was underway.

In fact, most polling shows the United States public split on whether Trump should be removed.

And Iowa clearly is her most favorable ground. ABC News' George Stephanopoulos asked the House Speaker.

We don't yet know who those managers will be. When asked if she had any second thoughts about holding on to them for three weeks, Pelosi said, "No, no, no".

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