AAP sweeps Delhi again - a victory of welfare politics over nationalism

AAP sweeps Delhi again - a victory of welfare politics over nationalism

AAP sweeps Delhi again - a victory of welfare politics over nationalism

Out of the 70 seats in the State Assembly, the party is leading in over 55 seats as of now which is sensational.

Much of AAP's popularity is based around its leader, Arvind Kejriwal, once a self-confessed anarchist and anti-corruption activist, who has been highly critical of the BJP government during his time as Delhi chief minister.

What Mr Kejriwal's victory does is offer a breather to a largely divided and demoralised opposition - and it proves that good governance wins votes.

Exit polls for the Delhi elections that concluded on Saturday evening predicted that AAP will win a two-thirds majority with some pollsters giving it a three-fourth majority in the 70-member Legislative Assembly. "The party will introspect about the reason of defeat".

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Sisodia was a journalist with Zee News and All India Radio, after which he was active in the struggle to pass the Right to Information Act and played a key role in laying the foundation of the Jan Lokpal Movement. It explicitly lists Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians as being able to take advantage of the new provisions, excluding Muslims. Not only did the party announce the candidates very late, as against the AAP and the Congress, but it also released the party manifesto just a few days before the voting.

Thank you for your feedback. Once again, the BJP became the victim of its over-dependence on national issues in a state election where people were more concerned about the pressing problems being faced by them.

Delhi went to polls in a single-phase on February 8. Less than 2 km away from Shaheen Bagh, students of Jamia Millia Islamia and people of the locality have been holding protests on the road outside the university. After trailing initially, Sisodia wrested the seat in final rounds of counting. A Union minister exhorted a crowd at a rally to shout "shoot the traitors", while a BJP MP called Kejriwal a "terrorist" and claimed the Shaheen Bagh protestors would rape and murder women. On the other side, things are even worse for Congress which has ruled Delhi between 1998-2013 did not even open its account there.

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