According to Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran should increase military power to prevent war

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In this context, the Leader urges the Iranian nation to turn the threat of USA sanctions against the Islamic Republic into chance, saying it is the time now to stop Tehran's reliance on oil income.

Khamenei also said that Iran had a strong air force despite decades of American pressure and sanctions on the country since the 1979 Islamic revolution. The site is approximately 230 kilometers southeast of Tehran, the Iranian capital.

"It was launched with success and. we have reached most [of] our aims. but the "Zafar" satellite did not reach orbit as planned", a top defence ministry official says. "We will make improvements for future launches", he added. Previous Simorgh launches of the 80-ton satellite carrier suffered other failures.

A Simorgh, or "Phoenix", rocket couldn't put the Zafar 1 communications satellite into orbit, however, due to a low speed, Iranian state TV reported. And, in August of previous year, a rocket apparently exploded on the pad at Imam Khomeini Space Center, spawning smoke and wreckage that was spotted from space, by satellites operated by San Francisco-based company Planet. Just $5 a month.

Iranian tv stated 80 "American terrorists" had been killed and USA helicopters and army gear broke, without offering any proof, Washington denied that there have been any fatalities.

While the Islamic republic's satellite programme has concerned some Western countries, Berari said Iran supported the "peaceful use of outer space" and that its activities were "transparent".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted on Twitter, writing: "Iran failed to launch a satellite today".

Khamenei, that disregarded the United States assents as a "criminal act", has actually prohibited Iranian authorities from holding talks unless the United States returns to the bargain and also raises all assents.

Long-standing acrimony between Tehran and Washington was exacerbated in 2018 when US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from a deal that froze Iran's nuclear programme, before issuing new demands that Tehran curtail its development of ballistic missiles.

Khamenei added that "certain clever individuals in the USA establishment have understood this and have said that we should not allow Iran to experience an economy without oil".

Barari, who is chief of the Iranian Space Agency, said manufacturing of the Zafar satellite "began three years ago with the participation of 80 Iranian scientists", adding that it was created to remain operational for "more than 18 months".

Tehran responded by launching missile assaults on USA targets in Iraq.

Tensions soared last month after Trump responded to Iranian-allied Shiite militias' attacks on bases housing U.S. troops in Iraq by ordering a drone strike that killed a top Iranian general, Qassem Soleimani.

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