Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

Bernie Sanders New Hampshire rally

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"Bernie Sanders is a phenomenon", he said. Amy Klobuchar had the strongest support among women at 25 percent, with former Mayor Pete Buttigieg behind her at 23 percent, according to an NBC News exit poll.

In the article headlined "Klobmentum could be happening in New Hampshire", writer Cameron Peters notes that despite single-digit national numbers, Klobuchar has been positioning herself as the alternative to two others seen as alternatives to far-left Sen. Meanwhile, Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet have withdrawn from the race after faring poorly in polls.

For Deval Patrick, the good news is he met expectations in New Hampshire. The top of the Democratic presidential field, however, has not winnowed in any significant way following the first two contests of 2020.

After leaving New Hampshire early Tuesday while the state voted in the Democratic primary, former Vice President Joe Biden finished in a distant fifth place, winning just 8.4% of the vote in the key state. Amy Klobuchar in 3rd.

Still, despite all the chatter on cable news, Sanders will eventually become the perceived frontrunner. Sanders had won the primary by a big margin four years ago and has had years of visibility in New Hampshire as the senator from the state next door. It's giving heavy credence to New Hampshire and Iowa's results, which were largely split between candidates but put Sanders narrowly on top, because there isn't much polling for the next primary states of Nevada and SC.

Pete Buttigieg
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New Hampshire is expected to decide the first primary victor of the 2020 election Tuesday night, just over a week since the Iowa caucuses left Americans confused about the process and without a declared victor.

The three major moderate candidates, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Biden, received almost 20 percent more votes than the two more progressive candidates, Sanders and Warren.

"I admired Sen. Sanders when I was a high school student".

Former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg is not on the ballot in New Hampshire, but is polling strong nationally, having spent hundreds of millions of dollars on TV and social media ad buys. Biden, in particular, now hangs his argument of electability there - on what his campaign says is his broad support from larger and more diverse groups of voters.

"You can't just parachute into black communities", said Sellers, who backed the now-ended campaign of Senator Kamala Harris and is not currently supporting another presidential candidate. "Because you're a celebrity you think you could get away with this", one told Tur - but the Trump supporter was willing to defend his candidate to Tur as he called him by his full name, "Donald John Trump".

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