BioWare's Anthem Set For Major Overhaul To Satisfy Critics, New Seasons Axed

Anthem has a giant challenge ahead of it if Bio Ware is going to redesign the game into something bigger and better

Anthem has a giant challenge ahead of it if Bio Ware is going to redesign the game into something bigger and better

Built by Mass Effect and Dragon Age studio BioWare, there was a lot of pressure on Anthem to be innovative and dense, but when it launched in February 2019, it was riddled with technical issues and gameplay inconsistencies. The answer lies in Anthem's complicated and tense development process, which lasted seven years and saw dozens of dramatic upheavals, including the departure of several high-profile BioWare developers.

"We have also heard your feedback that Anthem needs a more satisfying loot experience, better long-term progression and a more fulfilling end game", he wrote. There are now a lot of unknowns regarding the Anthem reboot and how EA plans to distribute it. Hudson confirmed last September that BioWare is not abandoning Anthem, but creating and implementing such drastic changes would take time. BioWare now says it will back off seasonal content to improve the overall game experience for the future.

To turn Anthem around and reach its "full potential", the team will need "a more substantial reinvention than an update or expansion", according to Hudson. That redesign will have the specific goal of reinventing the core gameplay with clear goals, motivating challenges, and progression with meaningful rewards.

While we doubt that ANTHEM will undergo a complete and total overhaul, this is perhaps the most promising update we've had since the title launched 12 months ago.

After poking fun at Anthem last week for still having its Christmas decorations up, we posited that one of the reasons for the extended in-game holiday season is that BioWare is hard at work on an Anthem redesign. Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment section below. "We'll keep the game going with events, store refreshes, and revisiting past seasonal and cataclysm content", Hudson says.

This leads to what may be the most damning line in Hudson's post: "And to do that properly we'll be doing something we'd like to have done more of the first time around - giving a focused team the time to test and iterate, focusing on gameplay first". BioWare is likely to remain tight-lipped as usual about what's going on, but in the meantime, you can look forward to the anniversary event.

"Anthem is a fun game, and a stunningly pretty one, but with flaws in almost every other aspect of its design". When he's not handing out beatdowns in the latest fighting games, exploring video game history, or playing through RPGs with his partner, he's searching for new food and drinks in the constant pursuit of good times with good people inside and outside the South Texas area.

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