CDC confirms 15th case of coronavirus in the United States

Maine Resident Being Tested for Coronavirus

Maine resident tested for coronavirus, first suspected case in state: health officials

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Wednesday said some coronavirus testing kits sent to state laboratories around the country don't work properly.

CDC distributed its test for coronavirus to more than 100 labs across the United States, and as many worldwide last week.

The patient was the 15th person in the United States to test positive for COVID-19. He says they also have the advantage of working with the same infection-fighting proteins they used to fight the deadly Ebola outbreak a few years back. None of those people tested positive for the virus, officials said.

Passengers are being housed on four military bases-Travis Air Force Base, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Lackland and Eppley Airfield-and are under a mandatory 14-day quarantine according to CDC guidelines. Cases have also been identified in California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Illinois, Wisconsin and now Texas.

A plane lands at March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, California, on January 29 with passengers evacuated from Wuhan, the Chinese city at the heart of the growing coronavirus outbreak.

The patient has been under federal quarantine since arriving in the USA from China on a chartered flight on February 7, the CDC said.

Officials say that there are still no confirmed cases in ME and that risk to the public remains low. At least one, a patient in Washington, has been released from the hospital.

When asked about Trump's tweet, Messonnier said most respiratory viruses are indeed seasonal, but COVID-19 is a new disease that health officials have been observing for only 6 weeks, so it's premature to make assumptions on whether it will continue to circulate into the spring and summer. There have only been two deaths reported outside of China: one in the Philippines and one in Japan.

But the flaw was actually discovered, C.D.C. officials said, before the kits had been shipped overseas.

'Mostly, they are coming in from mainland China, have no symptoms and are not high risk'.

Doctors in China said there was an urgent need for a simpler and faster diagnostic test, World Health Organization officials said during a press conference on Wednesday.

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