China reports 5,000 new coronavirus cases

Residents wearing masks wait at a traffic light in Beijing on Feb. 13 2020

Residents wearing masks wait at a traffic light in Beijing on Feb. 13 2020

Another 5,090 cases of COVID-19 and a further 121 deaths were reported by authorities across China, all but five of them were in Hubei province, the center of the outbreak.

The death toll in China's novel coronavirus outbreak has spiked to 1,367 with 254 new fatalities, the highest for a single day, reported mostly from the worst-affected Hubei province while the confirmed cases of infection jumped to almost 60,000, health officials said on Thursday.

Among the deaths on Thursday, 116 were in Hubei province, two in Heilongjiang, and one each in Anhui, Henan and Chongqing.

Hubei health officials also reported that an additional 9,028 patients are suspected to have the virus.

Hubei authorities said the increases were because they had broadened their definition for infection to include people "clinically diagnosed" via lung imaging.

China's economy is also taking a hit and having worldwide repercussions, with global oil demand expected to suffer its first quarterly drop in a decade, according to the worldwide Energy Agency.

"After they were admitted, they did gradually improve and eventually their symptoms resolved completely", said Leis, referring to the man.

The deepening crisis in China has caused fears of more global contagion, with Vietnam locking down villages after finding new cases and Japan becoming the third place outside the mainland on Thursday to report a death.

Japan, on Thursday, reported its first death linked to the outbreak.

The latest report brought the total confirmed cases in the province to 51,986, the report said.

Six of the workers have died, Zeng Yixin, vice director of the National Health Commission, said at a news conference.

"What we need is some consistency over time to give us an idea of what's actually happening", said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University in the United States.

The Philippines has only three confirmed cases of Covid-19, but the number of Filipinos being monitored for the disease has risen to over 400.

The province is now including cases based on a physician's diagnosis before they are officially confirmed by lab tests. Over four fifths of the province's new cases were in Wuhan.

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Geng Shuang responded to this comment Friday, saying China is working in an "open, transparent and highly responsible manner" with the worldwide community for the sake of global public health.

Provincial Communist Party boss Jiang Chaoliang was sacked as secretary of the Hubei Provincial Committee, and Ma Guoqiang removed as party chief in Wuhan, state media said.

Shell said on Friday it had sent some staff home from its main Singapore office after it identified an employee who had been in contact with a coronavirus case.

On board the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Japan.

The sharp one-day increase "does not represent a significant change in the trajectory of the outbreak", said Michael Ryan, head of WHO's health emergencies program.

After the extended Lunar New Year holiday, many migrant workers may still be stuck in their hometowns, far from their factories.

A woman wearing a mask is seen on a street in Shanghai, China, as the country is hit by an outbreak of the novel coronavirus, on February 13, 2020.

In remarks reported in the official Hubei Daily following his appointment, Ying said he would not fail the party or the people and that he bore a very heavy responsibility. Public outrage remains and there is a demand for accountability from the government because local officials kept the true severity of the outbreak a secret and criticized and punished those who spoke out about it.

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