Coronavirus fears grow among Diamond Princess crew

A US plane will carry Americans from the Diamond Princess cruise ship off Japan to Travis Air Force Base in California

14 American Citizens on a Quarantined Cruise Ship in Japan Test Positive for Coronavirus

About 26 of 1,161 crew members have also been sickened. The Diamond Princess operating company announced that it will reimburse the cost of the ticket, hotel accommodation before and after the cruise, shore excursions and services used on board the cruise to all passengers.

Binay Kumar Sarkar, a chef from north Bengal who had earlier gone on social media to appeal to the Indian government for help, told NDTV that there was full-fledged panic on-board. He appealed to the government and the United Nations to segregate the Indians on board.

The new coronavirus is wreaking havoc on cruises in Asia, where some passengers are stranded aboard ships and others can't leave China. "It would use up a lot of test kits, meaning if another outbreak happens in Japan we may not be able to deal with it swiftly". "I want to tell the government of India, Modiji, please segregate us and bring us back home safely", he pleads.

Earlier on Monday, the Indian Embassy said, "an unspecified number of Indians were among the almost 3,000 passengers and crew members on board a cruise ship quarantined off Japan due to diagnosis of coronavirus cases".

China has confirmed 908 deaths and 40,171 infections owing to the virus.

The government grounded the ship on its arrival in Hong Kong on Wednesday while tests were carried out on the crew, but said the passengers need not undergo examination as they had no contact with the three sick holidaymakers on the January trip.

Camera IconThe Diamond Princess cruise ship with 3700 people on board sits docked at Daikoku Pier.

Gay Courter, 75, that is amongst the 2,600 travelers stuck on the Diamond Princess, called the ship a "rather posh penitentiary" with decadent sweet-tooth offerings.

The refund will include the cost of the cruise, hotel accommodation prior to and following the cruise, onshore excursions and services used aboard the ship.

The Diamond Princess was placed under quarantine after arriving at Yokohama on February 3, in the wake of a man who disembarked in Hong Kong being diagnosed with the virus. Health officials this week confirmed around 135 cases of coronavirus on the ship after a passenger from Hong Kong was confirmed to have contracted the virus. "There are 160 Indians among the crew along with 8 Indian passengers".

When the boat arrived off Japan, authorities initially tested almost 300 people for the virus of the 3,711 on board, gradually evacuating dozens who were infected to local medical facilities. "He's determined that death by chocolate is preferable to the virus and he's sending us all kinds of wonderful, delightful desserts", she said.

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