First Case Of Coronavirus In London Confirmed

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Coronavirus patient linked to Brighton cases returns home

The disease has so far left 1,370 dead, most in the city of Wuhan, China, where the outbreak begun in late December.

The victim is a woman thought to have flown to the United Kingdom from China, where she is suspected to have contracted the virus.

The victim is believed to be a Chinese national who was diagnosed on Thursday NZ time.

This makes up to 9 cases of coronavirus in the UK.

Meanwhile, the quarantine of 83 people being held in Arrowe Park Hospital in Wirral, Merseyside, is expected to be lifted amid reports they have all tested negative for the covid-19 strain of the coronavirus.

According to the region's health commission, 33,693 people are still being treated in hospital - and 5,647 of them are said to be critically ill.

The first case of the killer coronavirus has been confirmed in London.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said earlier this week that the coronavirus outbreak was a "serious and imminent" threat to the British public.

Cases of the virus spreading from one person to another outside of China remain limited so the risk COVID-19, the official name for the virus, poses to the public is low.

Officials know the pair worked at a nursing home, the A&E unit at Worthing Hospital in West Sussex, and two GP practices between them.

Four other people confirmed to be infected are all understood to be contacts of a businessman who was diagnosed in Brighton last week after contracting the virus in Singapore.

The total number of deaths worldwide has passed 1,100, with the overall number of cases near 45,000.

As with the previously confirmed cases, officials are working to identify recent contacts she had.

England's public health authority, Public Health England, has advised people travelling from Hubei, and anyone with symptoms who has recently travelled to China and affected neighboring countries, to avoid public transport and taxis.

It has also disrupted sporting events in China: motorsport's governing body FIA announced the suspension of the Formula One Grand Prix in Shanghai, originally scheduled for April 19, due to the "continued spread" of the coronavirus.

Before being discharged, Walsh was given two tests for the virus, with both coming back negative, indicating he had fully recovered from the illness.

The World Health Organisation's (WHO) director-general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has warned that the outbreak "could still go in any direction". The vast majority of infections and deaths have been on mainland China.

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