Giuliani is giving Ukraine information to the Justice Department, Barr says

William Barr U.S. Attorney General        Associated Press

William Barr U.S. Attorney General Associated Press

Barr said he had established an "intake process in the field" so that the Justice Department and intelligence agencies could scrutinize information they were given.

During Monday's press conference, Barr said that the DOJ has the obligation to "have an open door to anybody who wishes to provide us information that they think is relevant", while adding that he cautioned Graham about any information coming from Ukraine. He also said the Justice Department has to be very careful with information coming from Ukraine and can't take anything from the Eastern European nation at face value. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) claimed on Sunday that there was such a process now being utilized.

"[Attorney General William Barr] told me that they have created a process that Rudy could give information and they would see if it's verified", Graham said during the interview while denying that the DOJ has been ordered to investigate the Bidens.

A source who watched trailers for Giuliani's new project that were put together to pitch potential investors told Yahoo News that the film is "more of a satirical mockumentary".

"The President has not asked the Attorney General to contact Ukraine - on this or any other matter", Kupec said after the White House disclosed a rough transcript of Trump's call with the Ukrainian president.

And in case this weren't quite enough, let's also not forget that there's no reason to believe Giuliani has actual dirt on Joe Biden and his family.

Graham did, though, warn that the information collected by Giuliani needed to be given to the Justice Department "because it could be Russian propaganda".

Since the inquiry began, Giuliani has publicly touted his own investigation into the Bidens' involvement with Ukraine in an attempt to vindicate the president. "Back in September, a spokeswoman said that Mr. Barr had" not discussed anything pertaining to Ukraine" with Mr. Giuliani.

Graham said any information coming from Ukraine could be Russian disinformation, which is why Giuliani should turn over information to the DOJ.

Justice Department officials were not immediately available for comment.

The prospect that Giuliani is providing potentially damaging information about one of the president's political rivals to the Justice Department while Giuliani is under federal investigation is likely to deepen criticism from Democrats that Barr acts more like the president's personal lawyer than the attorney general.

Trump was acquitted earlier this month by the Republican-led Senate. "How could Joe Biden really fight corruption when his son's sitting on the Burisma board?" It'd be messy if the Justice Department partnered with a partisan operative facing a criminal investigation for legitimate information, but it appears Giuliani is chasing ghosts and shadows, while cavorting with figures of dubious reliability.

Steele is a former British intelligence officer hired by an opposition research firm working for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign to investigate Trump. But it figured in the defense of Trump during his impeachment trial and remains an obsession for congressional Republicans.

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