Huawei Denies Not Wanting to Return to Using Google Services

Huawei Denies Not Wanting to Return to Using Google Services

Huawei Denies Not Wanting to Return to Using Google Services

But, Wangfei also said that even if the U.S. ban is removed and Huawei regains access to Google Mobile Services, Huawei would not want to use them again.

According to The Verge, Huawei says they are still open to using Google services. Huawei does not want to be a geopolitical poster boy again. A Huawei spokesperson had told them that the open Android ecosystem which includes Google Mobile Services (GMS) is still their first choice and that has helped them to become the number 2 smartphone player in terms of shipment.

And as the statement had been crafted its well done that it doesn't confirm or deny Wang Fei's claims and it infact doesn't mention Google or Google Play Services whatsoever. It is ready to spend approx. Now whether that will be good enough for users who are used to the whole Google ecosystem, that remains to be seen.

GadgetGuy's take - uncertainty still rules.


We've already heard that Huawei is working on both Harmony OS, an operating system that'll work across many devices, and the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), replacements to the Google Mobile Services (GMS) that it could use both on Harmony OS and Android, which is an open platform operating system (so Huawei isn't banned from using it).

The future seems to be looking bright for Huawei, much brighter than we thought it did back when the ban was announced. Wangfei said that Huawei wants to be independent of the USA since it is hard to tell if there is another blockage after the current one.

But it does put a huge question over AOSP.

Would you buy a Huawei phone if the ban was lifted and you were still able to use Gmail etc on it (assuming Google make a Gmail app available to their App Store)?

It appears Huawei has diligently created a third smartphone ecosystem based on Android, but without Google's services. There is a lengthy discussion on that here. Anyways, Harmony OS or whatever, it doesn't matter because majority of those living in the Chinese territory have no need for Google Play Services but those of us living outside of China needs Google Play Services. While reviewing Huawei's lasting approach in Austria, Fei plainly repeated that the business desires to eliminate this reliance on United States national politics and also is dismissing a return to Google's application and also solution ecological community even if it got on the table.

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