Hubei Adds 4,823 Cases; China Virus Death Toll at 1,483

China’s virus crackdown leaves millions working at home

Hubei Adds 4,823 Cases; China Virus Death Toll at 1,483

There have been a few reports of this with the new coronavirus, and it is compatible with what we know about other respiratory viruses, including seasonal flu.

At least 1,355 people have now died in mainland China from novel coronavirus, with 1,310 deaths in Hubei alone.

Champagne says three members of the Public Health Agency of Canada and two medical personnel from the Canadian Armed Forces have been sent to Yokohama, the Japanese port city where the Diamond Princess has been docked since last week.

The Hubei provincial health commission suggested that the number of confirmed cases increased after it started counting the number of "clinically diagnosed" people in the province, which allows them to receive the same treatment as those who have tested positive for the illness.

The virus is said to have been transmitted to humans from animals, particularly bats.

"We're not dealing, from what we understand, with a spike of 14,000 on one day", Dr. Ryan said.

Thousands of passengers and crew remain under quarantine - and likely will continue to do so until it is expected to lift next week. It also reported 5,090 new coronavirus cases on the mainland on Thursday, taking the total number of infected to 63,851.

Hubei, the Chinese province at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, reported 4,823 additional confirmed cases for Thursday, according to a statement from Hubei's health commission.

Noting that combating coronavirus is a big test for the country's governance system and governance ability, he stressed the need to strengthen areas of weakness and close loopholes exposed by the current epidemic.

On 7 February, the plight of medical workers was highlighted by the death of Li Wenliang, a doctor at Wuhan Central Hospital who had tried to issue the first warning about the virus on 30 December.

The man, whose name has not been disclosed, died last week at Jinyintian Hospital in Wuhan, the U.S. Embassy in China said Saturday.

Speaking at a World Health Organization news conference, Dr Michael Ryan explained that medical professionals in Hubei province - the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak - had begun classifying suspected cases based on chest imaging alone, prior to laboratory confirmations.

Japan confirmed its first death from the virus on Thursday.

Xi urged reforming and improving the disease prevention and control system to prevent major outbreaks, strengthening primary-level capacity, and improving a coordinated system for major public health risk analysis, evaluation, decision-making, and prevention and control.

The ministry described the person as a foreigner, but did not disclose the nationality.

Experts believe the true scope of the outbreak could be higher.

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