Iowa Democratic Party To Release 'Majority' Of Caucus Results

Iowa Democratic Party Calls Narrow Win for Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders Take the Lead in Iowa Caucus

Put aside your dismissals of Iowa's antiquated caucus process.

It was too early to call a victor based on the initial results, but Massachusetts Sen. What shocked those on the left was just how awful former Vice President Joe Biden did in the rural state. "Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate issued a release making clear that his office had "'no official role in the Iowa Caucuses". Sanders has been pushing single-payer insurance for "30 years now", Biden said, and "hasn't moved it an inch".

He then stressed that Sanders "calls himself a Democratic socialist".

Buttigieg, who would be the first openly gay USA president if elected, has argued it is time for a new generation of leaders and that his lack of experience in Washington makes him an ideal candidate to break the partisan gridlock in the nation's capital.

"I am not going to sugarcoat it: We took a gut punch in Iowa", Mr Biden said.

Buttigieg's early rise was rivaled for possible importance by the struggle of another moderate, Biden.

In a tweet Tuesday afternoon, Shadow took responsibility for the party's inability to announce results Monday. "And they show our campaign in first place".

Some voters in the state have expressed their frustration with the chaos at the caucus, which caused delays in the publication of its results. It was unclear when the full results would be released.

But the complete lack of transparency from Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price about when we'll know full results has convinced many people that you can, undermining our ability to encourage people to feel confident participating in future elections.

"Warren is lauded for her intelligence, passion and progressive views, but she is also viewed by some New Hampshire Democratic primary voters as less than fully trustworthy", Rhodes said. And billionaire Democrat Michael Bloomberg sensed opportunity, saying he would double his already massive advertising campaign and expand his sprawling staff focused on a series of delegate-rich states voting next month.

Candidates on debate stage
Sanders and Warren Tie for Delegates at Satellite Caucus Organized by UChicago Students

"The Democrat Party in Iowa really messed up, but the Republican Party did not".

Iowa was the first contest in a string of nationwide state-by-state votes known as primaries and caucuses.

In Iowa, they were vying for the state's 41 pledged delegates to the party's national July 13-16 convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a gathering for the party's delegates to choose a presidential nominee.

His campaign is hoping to survive Iowa and New Hampshire, sustaining as few blows as possible, to pick up steam in Nevada and SC and to have a banner showing on Super Tuesday, an amalgamation of states much more diverse than the first two.

"I did before, multiple times", Keilar said, before asking again, "Are you saying we should doubt the numbers we see?" Our democracy should have enough resilience to withstand a faltering digital tool and a slower-than-expected vote count, which we should have every reason to believe will yield accurate results.

With more than one-third of all precincts left to report, Sanders led on the first alignment. In order to achieve victory, polls suggest candidates must overcome a significant +8.6 Sanders lead to win in the state. Joe Biden managed only a woeful performance, barely fending off Amy Klobuchar for a distant fourth-place finish. Senator Elizabeth Warren is further behind in third with 18%.

On Monday, a coding issue with the mobile app that the Iowa Democratic Party planned to use to report the results of their state caucus caused a massive delay in declaring the victor. "He has a big problem", Axelrod said.

Sanders adviser Jeff Weaver thanked party officials, and encouraged other campaigns not to undermine the party.

"Folks who are just trying to delay the return of this due to their relative positioning in the results last night, I think that's a bit disingenuous", Weaver said.

"After more than a year of this primary, the field is as unsettled as ever", Bloomberg spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said.

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