Mike Bloomberg Once Blamed End Of 'Redlining' For 2008 Economic Collapse

Michael Bloomberg Is Paying Instagram Influencers To Post Dank Memes To Convince America’s Youth He’d Be A Dope President, Yo

Michael Bloomberg calls Donald Trump a 'barking clown' as his presidential bid builds momentum

The new, self-deprecating Instagram memes show fake messages between Bloomberg and the meme accounts, poking fun at the idea of him paying social influencers to ingratiate himself with young voters.

Billionaire businessman and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a late entrant in the Democratic presidential primary race, now tops all other candidates, a new national poll by Rasmussen Reports revealed on Friday.

Facebook chose to allow a type of paid political message that had sidestepped numerous social network's rules governing political ads, in a reversal that highlights difficulties tech companies and regulators have in keeping up with the changing nature of paid political messages.

Those posts will have to be clearly labeled as ads and will be filed in its ad library, they say.

Facebook told the BBC: "Branded content is different from advertising, but in either case, we believe it's important people know when they're seeing paid content on our platforms". "We're allowing USA -based political candidates to work with creators to run this content".

Most people haven't responded enthusiastically to the ads, even if they're properly disclosed.

In the platform's official guidelines, it says, 'Some Branded Content requires disclosure to people to notify them that the content is commercial in nature.

Facebook makes no money from such posts and does not consider them advertising.

The ad library publicly catalogs political ads and allows other campaigns, journalists and watchdog groups to view the type of messages pushed by politicians.

Facebook has come under criticism for its policy towards political advertising.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has defended the company's policy both in a speech at Georgetown University earlier this year and again in congressional hearings. Posts by politicians are not always fact-checked as part of the company's free speech policy.

Now, it appears he's turned his attention to Instagram, as The New York Times reports his campaign has begun to reach out to influencers and meme accounts and offered to sponsor posts created to position him as hip and cool.

And more: In Tennessee Wednesday, Bloomberg said Trump's insults can't hurt him and dished out a few of his own, notes Real Clear Politics.

"We haven't done a political campaign before", said Reid Hailey, chief executive of Doing Things Media, which runs 12 of the meme accounts involved in the campaign, including @NeatDad and @GamersDoingThings. The Trump campaign has used digital media to great effect, exploiting a lack of rules against misinformation in Facebook ads to make inaccurate claims and raise money.

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