Mr. Peanut Is Reborn… as Baby Nut!

Mr. Peanut Resurrected As Baby Nut In New Super Bowl 2020 Ad

Mr. Peanut Resurrected As Baby Nut In New Super Bowl 2020 Commercial

Clean and the Kool-Aid Man, who share tears of sadness that then falls on the dirt where Mr. Peanut is buried.

The shift in media strategy comes as several marketers reevaluated their Super Bowl ad plans following last Sunday's helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others.

Just when Baby Yoda mania seemed like it had subsided, Planters has delivered another newborn: Baby Nut.

Super Bowl LIV was full of surprises-not least the rebirth of Planters' nutty mascot.

As the Super Bowl commercial starts, Snipes is speaking at the character's funeral, in attendance was also Mr.

Following last week's weird pre-game ad (in which the legume sacrifices itself to save Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh), Planters used the annual football championship to introduce its fresh-faced character.

"Where's my monocle?" Baby Nut asks at the end of the spot.

So this is less a second-generation Mr. Peanut than a return of the original fellow. In fact, it's his silent tear of unbridled emotion (mingled with a little ray of sunshine) that brings Mr. Peanut back to the world of the living as an adorable, wide-eyed toddler.

Just 10 days after Planters announced the sudden death of their 104-year-old mascot Mr. Peanut, the brand resurrected their dapper ambassador in the form of "Baby Nut", incarnated in infancy.

At first, the infant nut sounds like the dolphin Flipper.

Some lovingly embraced the baby legume.

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