This should disqualify Michael Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg visits Philadelphia

Donald Trump, Jr.: Resurfaced Audio of Michael Bloomberg is "Racist"

According to a 2015 report by the Aspen Times, Bloomberg requested that the video not be made public.

Ninety-five percent of murders - murderers and murder victims - fit one M.O. You can just take a description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all the cops.

He continues: "That's true in NY". He acknowledged that the controversial policing policy disproportionately impacted minorities, but defended it as a necessary measure to combat crime in New York City.

The three-term NY mayor goes on to advise blanketing minority neighborhoods with cops - once again, because "that's where the crime is" - and says the way to get guns off the streets is to "throw [minority youth] against the wall and frisk them".

"Yes, that's true", Bloomberg said. Yes, that's true. Why do we do it? "Because that's where all the crime is". You've got to get the guns out of the hands of the people that are getting killed.

Mr Bloomberg, who is seeking the Democratic Party nomination to challenge Trump in the American election on 3 November, apologised for his use of the policing strategy last November, a few days before announcing his candidacy.

Bloomberg made the remarks at the Aspen Institute on February 5, 2015.

Sanders added, "But we are gonna win because we have the agenda that speaks to the needs of working people throughout this country". "This is dangerously disturbing indeed!"

Tom Steyer, the billionaire businessman also competing for the Democratic nomination, chose to join the scrum between the wealthiest candidates, putting out a statement of his own calling Bloomberg's remarks "extremely disturbing".

The Bloomberg campaign didn't comment immediately on the recording.

Bloomberg has been rising in public opinion polls despite not competing in the first four state contests for the Democratic nomination: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and SC.

In 2013, a federal judge ruled the policy violated the constitutional rights of New Yorkers, but the practice still continues on.

For weeks, he has been making a point to showcase his endorsements by more than two dozen African Americans, including San Francisco Mayor London Breed and former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. Now we did a calculation of how many people who would have been dead if we hadn't brought down the murder rate and gotten guns off the streets.

"I now see that we should have acted sooner, and acted faster". "I regret that and I have apologized - and I have taken responsibility for taking too long to understand the impact it had on Black and Latino communities", Bloomberg said in the statement.

At the time, a reported 87 percent of around 5 million police interactions in the city invoking "stop and frisk" involved Black or Latinx people.

It was unclear how much damage the newly published comments would do to Bloomberg's standing with black voters, but his campaign moved quickly into damage-control mode. He called the backlash against Bloomberg "fake outrage". "We are excited to have our National Campaign Co-Chair Mayor Michael Nutter on hand to celebrate this expansion of operations ahead of the MA primary". "It worked incredibly well", Trump said at the time. "Sanders, who voted for the crime bill?" "This issue and my comments about it do not reflect my commitment to criminal justice reform and racial equity".

Melina Abdullah, a Cal State L.A. professor and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, said Bloomberg's 2015 remarks were not surprising. "Oh I don't want to get caught". Bloomberg said in audio released by podcaster Benjamin Dixon.

Meeks said he backed Bloomberg for his economic policies and ability to beat Trump.

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