Want a Samsung Galaxy S20 on Optus? Here’s the plans on offer

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone Is Said to Launch on February 14th, Here's All the Info

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Folding Smartphone With Rear 12MP Camera

The natural question was to ask what comes next, and for some, it is the tri-fold smartphone, for which Samsung has several patents.

At the Samsung Unpacked event on Tuesday, the Galaxy Flip Z Thom Browne Edition was partially unveiled and Samsung said a proper announcement would be made at the New York Fashion Week the following day. But while the device is the brand's second smartphone that folds, it couldn't be more different than its older sibling.

Denny Galant, head of product marketing, IT and mobile, Samsung Electronics Indonesia, said in a media briefing in San Francisco that the new technology in the camera, video and also the phone display aimed to meet the requirements of those who like to express themselves through social media platforms using smartphones. Here's where it all gets more confusing.

Its resilience to remain at certain angles means there's a reassuring stiffness to the hinge design (that we can only hope lasts), so don't expect to be able to flip it open with a quick shake or even open it easily with one hand. It has a solid build and doesn't feel as fragile as the Galaxy Fold.

Announced at an event in San Francisco on February 11, the Z Flip is going on sale on Valentine's Day at a price of US$1,380.

Optus is offering the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G on a plan for $85.06 per month for 36 months (includes $49/mth plan + $36.06 handset repayment) with 60GB of included monthly data (min. total cost $3,062.16 over 36 months including device credits).

Then Samsung crammed in an enormous amount of camera features: wide angle, ultra-wide, telescopic lens, depth vision and that barely cracks the surface of it. Samsung's devices are definitely premium and are bringing Samsung's best tech to lure smartphone users away from the ‌iPhone‌, but they also have premium prices.

It seems that almost all carriers will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S20 line on their networks.

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