With Biden struggling, this is not the primary campaign many Democrats expected

Troy Price speaks to members of the media during a news conference on Monday

Enlarge Image Troy Price AP

Amy Klobuchar, the biggest surprises of the 2020 contest so far, looked to extend their rides despite uncertainty about what's ahead for two campaigns with overwhelmingly white bases. "Iowa Democrats demand better of us, and we demand better of ourselves - and last night brought us one step closer to bringing the 2020 Iowa caucus to completion", Price said in a statement Sunday. No would-be nominee has yet forged a strong coalition across the party's racial, ethnic and ideological factions.

Although the Iowa Democratic Party last week released what it called complete results - showing Buttigieg with a tiny advantage over Sanders - the party spent part of the weekend revisiting potential errors.

President Trump is done with impeachment and "ready for revenge on anyone he believes wronged him", Stephen Colbert said on Monday's Late Show.

After tweeting that he wanted to "shake up the Dems a little bit", President Trump spoke to thousands of supporters at a rally in New Hampshire on the eve of the state's primaries. He mocked the Democrats for the Iowa caucus debacle, saying "nobody knows" who won, the Guardian reports. Otsego County - like many other purple counties across the country - voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, but voted for Trump in 2016.

She told Al Jazeera that "watching their presence in interviews" would help her decide just before voting, and that healthcare was her most important issue.

Among those who say they are committed to their candidate, Sanders leads by a substantial margin at 42%, with only 18% for Buttigieg, 14% for Biden, 10% for Warren, and 6% for Klobuchar.

Charlie Cook, a veteran political analyst, said history revealed that Mr Biden - viewed as the frontrunner in the Democratic main competition only weeks past - might be running out of time.

"He matches my values", Barrick said of Biden. Criticising Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat speaker of the House, he said: "I had somebody behind me who was mumbling terribly, mumbling, mumbling.

Maybe not yet, but without setting foot in Iowa or New Hampshire, he is suddenly a looming shadow over the primary field". The Minnesota senator had all but vanished from public view as the media focussed on the travails of Biden, the freshness of Pete Buttigieg and the liberalism of Bernie Sanders and Warren.

In Plymouth on Monday, a top Buttigieg backer met that criticism directly to open a Buttigieg event.

Racial diversity is also a question for Klobuchar. It's unclear how many precincts they intend to contest. "And since that debate, our campaign has been surging", she said Monday.

While Sanders kept away from attacking his Democratic opponents, his well-known surrogates, together with actress and failed NY gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon and firebrand Bronx Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, took turns at bashing reasonable candidates. But she and Biden face a potential money crunch if donors are spooked by Tuesday's results. In 2016, New Hampshire gave Trump his first GOP primary victory, though he narrowly lost the state to Hillary Clinton that November.

The head-to-head matchups show Bloomberg, Sanders, Biden, Klobuchar, Warren, and Buttigieg ahead of Trump - but the two candidates that fare the best are Bloomberg (51-42) and Sanders (51-43).

Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price reiterated this during a news conference Monday in Des Moines.

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