Bachelor alum Colton Underwood has coronavirus

Former ‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Says He’s Tested Positive For Coronavirus

[VIDEO] Colton Underwood Has Coronavirus — 'The Bachelor' Star Sick

Colton just announced his test results Friday on his social media. the 28-year-old "Bachelor" star and former National Football League player says he tested positive for the virus and has been following all of the social distancing guidelines since last week. I became symptomatic a few days ago, got my test results back today and they are positive. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay home.

"If we have it probably a lot of other people out there have it too even if they haven't been tested for it". "It's been kicking my ass - just to put it very bluntly". "But I want to let you guys know that I'm 28".

He posted a video on his Instagram account saying that he has been tested positive for the Coronavirus on Friday despite his healthy lifestyle and routine exercising habits.

He wrote in an Instagram caption: 'After a few days of self-quarantine and without feeling well, I have tested positive for Coronavirus. Underwood, a former Bachelor, is staying at his girlfriend Cassie Randolph's family's house for the time being.

The 24-year-old reality TV star revealed that so far her brother is the only one in her family showing symptoms.

Underwood said he is now residing at his girlfriend's family house in Southern California.

"Welp, sm content is gonna be kinda limited with all our social distancing so here is a painful video of how I spent the majority of my day yesterday", the grad student captioned a video of herself wincing in pain. "Thinking of you! Thank you for sharing and keep us updated if you feel up to it. Hope you get well quickly!"

However, Underwood is on "the third story" so she takes "care of him by bringing him anything he might need" and then will "disinfect" herself after dropping it off. He said he doesn't want to cause any fear or panic but wants to encourage everyone to stay at home, do their part and take care of themselves.

The reality star continued to urge her followers to "please, please practice [social distancing] because it's the only thing that we can do".

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