Echo Is Overwatch's Newest Evolutionary Robot Hero

Overwatch Echo Hero 32 release date

Overwatch's Newest Hero Is Echo, A Long-Awaited AI Robot

As of now, Overwatch and Blizzard itself have not yet confirmed nor denied the said claims that a new hero will be soon available on the game.

The video doesn't really say what kind of hero class she'll (it?) be, but I'm guessing the community wouldn't say no to a new support hero rather than another stunner again.

For those who don't know already, Echo is a damage hero but given the fact that she has a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence function and her Duplication Ultimate, the character can play multiple roles when in combat. "And then she created me", ends Echo. Here, Echo takes over. The trailer is titled as Echo's origin story.

Echo has a couple special abilities which give her an unique DPS role, which is different than previous heroes.

It is possible that Echo is the new hero, but the nature of the audio clip suggests that the experiment might have been a failure, opening up a slew of other possibilities. That would be a Monday in 2020, so that could very well be the Overwatch Echo Hero 32 release date, although it may also just be when we get a big dump of information. Echo straight-up replicates the form of an enemy hero for a limited time - meaning she has all of their moves - and she can quickly generate energy for that clone's ult. Echo can't replicate an opposing Echo, and her cloned state isn't a "disguise" - it's clearly marked. The last hero to join the game's roster was Sigma, back in July 2019.

What are you hoping to see from Echo?

Sadly Dr Mina Liao was killed in an attack on Overwatch. The full list of Echo abilities is quite something - she'll definitely shake things up.

We haven't seen much in the way of her until Overwatch 2 was revealed; she made a heck of an entrance during the "Zero Hour" cinematic for the sequel to Blizzard's fantastic first-person shooter.

Overwatch might have its latest hero named Echo!

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