Facebook acknowledges a bug is blocking coronavirus news

Facebook ‘bug’ mistakenly flags coronavirus news stories as spam | The Sacramento Bee

Facebook admits blocking coronavirus news from users

First, Xbox Live went down and now a Facebook bug is marking legit posts as spam.

Users are receiving a message that their post violates Facebook's community standards for spam.

Facebook has said that a bug in its systems caused it to incorrectly remove thousands of posts about topics including coronavirus.

The issue arose a day after Facebook announced that it was sending home for public health reasons all contract workers who perform content review services for the social media giant, which mostly outsources the work to independent companies.

Facebook, like numerous other companies, has urged employees who can work from home to do so in all of its offices worldwide. "We might be seeing the start of the ML going nuts with less human oversight", tweeted former chief security officer at Facebook.

"More soon." Facebook sent home its content moderators this week and announced it would be relying more on its artificial intelligence systems, warning it could make "more mistakes".

"We are temporarily banning advertisements and commerce listings that sell medical face masks", a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch. "[I] can confirm at this point that we're looking into the matter, can't confirm what might be happening just yet".

A flurry of complaints regarding the issue surfaced on Twitter, with people calling out the social media giant for censoring information about a disease that has infected 2 lakh, killed almost 8,000 and still continues to spread. The issue blocked shares of some but not all coronavirus-related content, while some unrelated links are allowed through and others are not.

Facebook's vice president of integrity, Guy Rosen confirmed on Twitter that the company is working on fixing the problem. "No one else can see your post".

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