India to go into COMPLETE lockdown from midnight - PM Modi

Coronavirus crisis How India went from ‘don’t panic’ to lockdown in 30 states and UTs in 6 days

India extends lockdown as coronavirus appears in small towns

For funerals, a congregation of more than 20 persons shall not be allowed.

Railway officials walk through a deserted station platform in Prayagraj, India, on Tuesday. "You also need to appreciate the people in media who are working 24 hours to give you the right information and also the police force which is working to protect you day night without worrying about their own family", PM Modi added.

Dozens of people, many of them women, had been staging a sit-in protest since early December on a street in the Shaheen Bagh neighbourhood, turning it into a focal point for opposition to the law seen as discriminating against Muslims. On the other hand, most hospitality services will remain suspended.

Prime minister Narendra Modi announced the "total ban on venturing out of your homes" in a televised address today.

The spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 continues, with more cases diagnosed in Canada. Global borders have been shut to most travelers coming from the Europe. About 144million people traveled on domestic flights past year. He had even said that people should clap exactly at 5 pm, appreciating the service of doctors and those in health sectors fighting against coronavirus.

Pointing out the better medical facilities in western countries, he said: "Remember that the health sector and health facilities in Italy and U.S. are the best in the world and they are considered the best".

Public health experts believe the attempt to quarantine a deadly virus won't work without an effective mitigation strategy. "Tonight from 12 o'clock across the country, the entire lockdown is going to happen". "It will surely bounce back with a vengeance if this is the predominant thing we do, without other public health interventions like expanding testing, isolating and treating".

In his address on Tuesday, the Prime Minister commended the people of India for following the curfew, stating that their efforts showed that when the country and humanity faces a state of extreme adversity, the people of India come together to combat it.

At a government hospital in the northern city of Meerut, medical staff said their supplies of surgical masks have dwindled since the epidemic began.

"Indian companies are doing a commendable job in supporting local communities in various parts of the United States in these hard times", he said. "And according to the World Health Organization reports, due to this pandemic, one person can transmit the disease to hundreds of people as it spreads like fire", Modi said.

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