New York State Coronavirus Deaths Spike to 385, Hundred in Single Day

Encinitas California U.S

Encinitas California U.S

Its death toll is now at 385, up from 285 a day earlier when Cuomo last held a press conference. The rate of new infections is doubling about every 3 days. Almost 1,300 patients were in intensive care, a 45% increase.

As the number of cases climbs, NY is appealing to the federal government for more medical supplies to treat the ill.

Already, the state has begun to "split" ventilators, meaning health care workers are hooking two coronavirus patients up to one machine between their adjacent beds.

The fight against the virus, also known as COVID-19, has focused on testing and containment in the form of social isolation, because no vaccine yet exists for the virus that experts estimate is at least 10-times as deadly as the common flu.

The governor also called for increased efforts to produce ventilators, necessary medical tools to deal with severe cases of COVID-19.

He says while there is funding for additional unemployment insurance, and help to small businesses, he's "shocked" that NY will receive proportionality less aid to run its government than states like South Dakota and Wyoming. "That is what has happened".

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In an ominous sign he and other governors are preparing for the worst, the states of New York, North Carolina and Hawaii requested the Federal Emergency Management Agency send special mortuary teams that can be deployed for mass casualties, FEMA said on Wednesday.

"I'm disappointed", Cuomo said on Thursday, ABC reports. "Today, no hospital, no nurse, no doctor can say, legitimately 'I don't have protective equipment, '" he said.

New York's governor, Andrew Cuomo, excoriated Congress on Thursday for failing to provide much-needed aid to his state as it battles a soaring number of fatalities and a continuing scramble for medical supplies.

Cuomo went on to say that his team has been talking to the White House about the concept of "rolling deployment" to coronavirus "hotspots" in a time when NY has "the greatest need in terms of numbers".

"This is all about getting that curve down and not overwhelming the hospital system", he said.

American states have begun to bring in their own travel restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus as the NY mayor warned half of the city's population will get infected.

Dr. Rebekah Gee, who until January was Louisiana's health secretary and now heads up Louisiana State University's healthcare services division, said that it was the Mardi Gras, when 1.4 million tourists descended on New Orleans, that fueled the city's outbreak.

Statewide, there have been more than 30,000 confirmed novel coronavirus cases.

The school still needs the plan to be approved by state and education officials, but as of Wednesday afternoon, at least 69 students had volunteered. Deaths climbed to 81, from 62 a day ago. He would revise the amounts paid out to school districts, local governments, health care providers and all others who depend on state funding, based on how much money the state actually has collected from revenues.

"There is no state in the United States that bought ventilators for the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic".

NY hospitals have enough personal protection equipment for only the next two weeks, Gov. Cuomo said.

On the stimulus bill approved by the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, Cuomo, a Democrat, said NY state government will receive $5 billion, only for coronavirus expenses, "which is nice, but the bigger problem is on the lost revenues".

Coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations in NY were both up dramatically, a stark sign of the outbreak's quickly increasing reach. Roughly 122,000 people have been tested in all.

Cuomo told a news conference the city would ban basketball and other contact sports in parks, first on a voluntary basis as long as people comply. "We're very close to having a nominee and it's not clear there's any place for him to go". "But you're not alone, nobody's alone".

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