Stay Home Ohio Order Issued, Daycare Centers to Close — Sunday Recap

WATCH LIVE Gov. Mike De Wine announces ‘stay at home order’ for Ohio

News WATCH LIVE Gov. Mike De Wine announces ‘stay at home order’ for Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Ohio Dept. of Health give update on coronavirus

What DeWine calls the "stay at home" order has, in other states, been referred to as "Shelter in Place".

"The lesson of history is that if you don't do these things early enough, you pay the price".

Gov. Mike DeWine and Ohio Department of Health director Amy Acton held a news conference Monday to update the public on the latest COVID-19 diagnoses, deaths and containment measures in the Buckeye State.

"The numbers have been pouring in to us". DeWine says the state used the Homeland Security guidelines. Only three people had died. Forty counties have confirmed cases, including two in Defiance County.

"This is a dramatic change", said DeWine.

Acton said because OH is running low on tests, it can not test everyone.

Governor Mike DeWine says he has been in contact with legislative leaders and will be asking the General Assembly to pass legislation to forgo state testing for the 2019-2020 school year.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said officials have spoken with business and labor organizations on what essential businesses need to stay open.

We want to tell the stories of our healthcare workers. Today is the day.

"Today is the final order", she said. "Still, to ensure that we maintain full operations, certain staff members have been assigned to work from home, and others have elected to do so". This is our one shot. "In a time of war, we have to make sacrifices". This includes grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and others.

While parks are open, playgrounds will be closed because of large crowds that gather there, he said. Some outdoor activities - but not all - are allowed. "The governor's recognition of agriculture as an essential service should give consumers throughout OH peace of mind when it comes to our healthy, safe and affordable food supply". I plan to go for a walk. DeWine says OH has to slow down the rate of its spending dramatically due to the declines - and he says, we all have a number of hard months ahead of us.

Acton, too, continued to uncork wartime rhetoric, but said she had never been more hopeful that Ohioans would pull through the current pandemic.

Daycares will also close this week, starting Thursday.

Governor DeWine also pulled back spending requests for a variety of projects that needed legislative spending authority.

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