The Rams revealed their new logos, and Twitter's apathy was palpable

BREAKING: Los Angeles Rams Release Official New Logo & Color Scheme For Team (VIDEO + PIC)

Kevin Demoff on the Rams’ new branding and overcoming ‘immense frustrations’

The new logos - there are four in total - include the franchise's iconic horns, which have been a part of the Rams' identity since 1941.

In the actual logo, the ram's horn looks less like a bolt and much more like an ocean wave, which is what its designers planned. The colors are supposed to give a vibrant look to their history.

It seems that the Reddit leak that surfaced a few weeks ago was mostly correct. The Rams also scrapped the brand that their $five billion stadium goes to be formed like.

The Rams were caught off guard by the leak, said they turned down the design of the cap multiple times, and ultimately were disappointed the specialty hat was the first piece of rebranded merchandise seen by fans.

While the team has unveiled the new logo and colors, new uniforms have yet to be revealed and no specific date for said reveal has been set.

When the team moved from St. Louis back to Los Angeles in 2015, they only changed the logo slightly while also slightly altering the color scheme. LA unveiled a new logo and updated color scheme Monday, and, well, it certainly is an updated logo and color scheme!

The Rams have worn blue-and-gold throwback uniforms and versions of their blue-and-white vintage uniforms frequently during their second tenure in Los Angeles, when their style has been a mishmash of past and present looks. "But at the end of the day, that was one place we knew our fans weren't going to compromise".

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