United States could become coronavirus epicentre

Person crosses a mostly deserted 42nd Street in Manhattan

U.S. could become next coronavirus epicenter WHO says Outbreak of the coronavirus disease, in the Manhattan borough of New York City

Amid the rising coronavirus cases in the USA, the World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson Margaret Harris on Tuesday (March 24) expressed fear that the U.S. could become the new epicentre of COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing a press conference, World Health Organization spokesperson Margaret Harris on Tuesday said that about half of the new cases over the past 24 hours were from Europe, while 40 per cent were from the US.

Harris was asked directly: "Do you see the United States going on to become the epicenter of this outbreak, overtaking Europe?" "So it does have that potential". Forty percent of the amount was attributable to new USA cases, in which several cities and states are now dealing with lock downs, business shutdowns, and taxpayers ordered to remain at home as far as possible.

India has so far reported 482 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and nine deaths.

Andrew Cuomo, that proceeds to paint a dire picture in his hard-hit state - which the virus hasn't yet peaked in the US.

More than 400,000 people worldwide have been infected with the new coronavirus, and at least 18,000 have died.

Mr Trump has indicated that despite the steep rises in case numbers he wants to take steps to ease the restrictions on people's behaviour. The fatality rate globally - the ratio of deaths to confirmed infections - is around 4.3 per cent, though national figures can vary widely according to how much testing is done.

Note that there is 54,867 total number of cases in the US.

Britain, believed by experts to be about two weeks behind Italy in the outbreak cycle, on Tuesday began curbs on movement without precedent in peacetime after Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered the country to stay at home.

The infection rate of COVID-19 is also very rampant in countries like Spain where there are around 35, 212 cases and in Germany with 30,081 cases. You would be forgiven for feeling a little confused about the condition of things in the nation and trying to keep up with the news related to the book coronavirus outbreak around the USA today.

According to the data of Johns Hopkins University, there are a total of 46, 450 COVID-19 cases reported in the country as of Tuesday morning.

He said, "I'm hopeful to have Americans working... by that Easter".

He announced 122 new deaths from the virus, raising the official toll to 1,934 in one of the world's worst hit countries.

Italy, with more than 6,000 deaths is still the world's coronavirus epicenter, but conditions are vastly improved in what had been ground zero - China.

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